ASquare Windows Scheduler - 1.5 version

This package will be useful to create the Windows Scheduler using Daily, Monthly, Weekly and Hourly trigger. This is just a base version. We will going to release new feature shortly.
If you need any new feature shortly, please send an message using Contant US form. We will try to deliver within 24 to 48 hours

How To Use

//This will create Daily trigger to run every 10 minutes for a duration of 18 hours
SchedulerResponse response = WindowTaskScheduler.Configure().CreateTask("TaskName", "C:\\Test.bat")
.RunDurationFor(new TimeSpan(18, 0, 0))
.SetStartDate(new DateTime(2015, 8, 8))
.SetStartTime(new TimeSpan(8, 0, 0))

//This will create Monthly trigger to run on APR and AUG on second day of month for every 10 min
SchedulerResponse response= WindowTaskScheduler.Configure()
.CreateTask("TaskName", "C:\\Test.bat")
.SetMonthsToRun(10, 2, CalendarMonths.APR, CalendarMonths.AUG)